Building a Legacy of Generational Wealth With Josh Cantwell

Achieving entrepreneurial freedom has a price and also takes time. But the good thing is, it’s not impossible!

Our guest Josh Cantwell can attest to that. Today we dive into the finer details of how important the Profit First mindset is in your business, as well as how to use it so you can get the right framework in place to maximize your profitability.

Key Takeaways:

[1:54] What got him started in real estate?

[4:28] What early lessons did he learn about money, and how is it compared to what he’s learned about money today?

[9:00] What lessons about money does he want to pass down to his children?

[17:49] How does he use Profit First in apartment investing?

[27:43] Get into the psychological habit of making sure you’re taken care of , so you've got the right mindset and you’re not hating your business at a different level.

Quotable Quotes:

[4:43] “You realize that when you sign up as an entrepreneur, you sign up for personal freedom.”

[11:03] “One of the lessons I've learned is that in order to be a high earner, you must have excellent time management skills.”


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