Navigating Short-Term Rentals and Real Estate Success with Jen Josie

In this episode of Profit First for REI Podcast, we have Jen Josey. She is a great real estate investor and helped people grow their businesses.

She talks a lot about how she was successful in buying into one of those courses that cost a lot and how she got up and running.

Let's talk more about money mindset, short-term rentals, and translation of numbers in business. She will also share what are the things that helped her get to where she is right now. Enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[01:09] Introducing Jen Josey
[03:17] How she started on her real estate investing journey
[07:19] Jen's first property and first project
[13:40] Finding out Profit First
[17:38] Focusing on short-term rentals
[23:00] Make sure short-term rental works as a long-term rental
[28:29] Jen's advice
[32:12] Connect with Jen Josey


[06:50] “Surrounding yourself with the right people also was a huge benefit as well.”
[22:52] “Do not buy anything unless it works as a long-term rental because, in this market, you never know if they are going to oust AirBnB.”
[29:01] “Don't be afraid of paying for coach.”

Connect with Jen:


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