The Two Keys to Financial Freedom: Profit First & Cash Reserves featuring Justin Silverio

It’s incredible how profitability can give you so many options. It gives you the freedom to do whatever you want, and it also helps level up your business. Making more profit means having what it takes to navigate your real estate journey and achieve your personal goals. 

We’re pulling in Justin Silverio as he deep-dives and spills out facts on how one can scale up their business and build a profitable company with the help of ridiculously awesome team players. He will also share snippets on how he’s been able to use his app, Invelo, to help improve people’s careers. And as well as dissect the benefits of using profitability to scale up and expand our business endeavors. What are you waiting for? Click that play button and kickstart your day by listening to this insightful episode! 

Key Takeaways

[1:37] The most significant and most challenging lessons he’s learned throughout his real estate investing career

[2:04] Making sure that you have the right people in your business 

[5:21] Has he ever run into money struggles and problems along the way?

[5:42] On the importance of cash flow management 

[6:56] How did Profit First enter his sphere, and how did it help him in his business?

[9:03] Making more profit gave him the opportunity and freedom to do things

[11:44] Using the profit to start a business and have team players

[17:01] Building a platform (Invelo) for investors that have three critical aspects: Software, Education, and Community

[24:42] Generating deal flow is one of the most critical aspects to having a successful business other than cash flow management 


[1:53] “I am making sure that I align myself with the right people in my business.”

[6:27] “If you don’t have a good process don’t start to scale, those issues will be much larger and it will critically impact your business.”

[11:20] “Everyone is just so impressively amazing and it’s just exciting to be able to work around these people. And scale the business together.”


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