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I bring together world-class entrepreneurs to share their secrets, strategies, and tools that will teach you how to wield money as a tool for your greater purpose.

Do you want to cultivate more wealth, reach your financial goals, and experience more fulfillment and meaning in your life?

Are you ready to stop leaving money on the table, finally understand your numbers, and start paying yourself first?

My hope is that your answer is yes, and I want you to know that all of that is totally achievable. And not only is it attainable, but I will show you exactly how in my exclusive masterclass event!

David Richter

You’ve probably been to a real estate investing class before,

and I imagine you’ve read plenty about how to create and keep wealth, but never have you been to an event that brings these two worlds together in such a powerful, profoundly impactful way.

That IS what you will experience when you join me and a whole host of world-class influencers on September 25th. Trust me, you do not want to miss this if you are serious about reaching your financial goals and living a more purposeful life.

I know that if you come to this event on September 25th, and you apply what you learn to your business, you will achieve everything you want to with your financial life.

The information and strategies we’re sharing have already helped many others through my company Simple CFO Solutions, so I’ve seen the positive impact first-hand. Now it’s time for them to work for you.

There are only so many spaces, however, and unless you reserve your spot now, I can’t guarantee you will be able to join us and the other like-minded entrepreneurs like you.

Register your space today and take charge of your prosperous financial future.

Here’s what you can expect to learn when you come to this life changing event:

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This exclusive event is NOT for you if you:
You’ve read this far though, so I know you aren’t that person.

What People Are Saying

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“It’s not an exaggeration to say, “David Richter changed the trajectory of my life!”

– Rich Lennon

RVA Property Solutions

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“They have the skills and the tools to drive your business forward to ensure profitability!

– Mike Michalowicz
Author of “Profit First”
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“It just makes you feel good to know that you are working with somebody you can trust.”

– Joey English

Focus Property Solutions

Join me, my world-class influencer friends, and all the other ambitious attendees at this incredible event.
Now is your time to thrive.

David Richter

Masterclass: Wealth Explosion

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Matt has been seen on CNN.com, Forbes.com, ABC News, and numerous other media outlets. His training products can be found on Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, and iTunes. His popular blog www.refreedom.com updates members with free video trainings spotlighting cutting edge real estate strategies.

Mike is the author of ‘Get Different’, ‘Fix This Next’, ‘Clockwork’, ‘Profit First’, ‘The Pumpkin Plan’ and ‘The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’. BusinessWeek called Toilet Paper Entrepreneur a business cult classic. His books have been translated into 10 languages. He has had the privilege to speak on stages all over the world and it is his passion to connect with entrepreneurs.
David Richter is a speaker, author, and an active real estate investor who has been essential in closing over 850 deals. He started his profit advising company Simple CFO Solutions, LLC. to help businesses completely change their story from going bankrupt to building cash reserves. His mission is to change how entrepreneurs view their finances and bring them true financial clarity and freedom!
For the past 30 years, Michael Hansen has coached entrepreneurs on transforming their businesses from cash-eating monsters to profit-making machines. His expertise in business strategy and cash flow management has maximized the profitability of his client’s businesses. His unique approach to wealth creation has helped his clients grow their legacies for generations to come.
Tom Krol has distinguished himself as an in-demand speaker, author, and coach who shares, centers next level tips, tactics and strategies for aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs. He has appeared as a guest on more than 10 major real estate podcasts, including Bigger Pockets, Real Estate Investment Mastery (with Joe McCall and Alex Joungblood) and Trevor Mauch’s Investor Carrot Podcast.