Achieving Balance and Prosperity: The Entrepreneur Freedom Formula Revealed

There are three things all investors need, and all business owners need to protect to build the company they want to build.

Trevor Mauch, the CEO of Carrot, a tech entrepreneur and investor, is passionate about entrepreneurship and its impact on life, community, and prosperity. He has all the practical advice for investors and entrepreneurs.

Listen as he also shares the three S's that sabotage business owners and ways to overcome this. Enjoy the show with Trevor!

Key Takeaways:

[00:57] Introducing Trevor Mauch
[02:32] Starting his entrepreneurial journey
[06:17] The hardest thing for entrepreneurs to focus on
[09:30] The Entrepreneurial Freedom Formula
[13:26] Different business levels and pain lines
[21:06] The Business Level 5
[28:19] Connect with Trevor Mauch


[03:18] “When you combine those three: Your purpose and vision, with a consistent business model, it creates profits.”
[13:50] “Business has levels. Every single level requires you to do pretty much the same types of things. You need to delegate the right next thing.”
[24:18] “The purpose of business is about growth, it is about the journey. Business is the best personal growth tool that I've ever seen.”

Connect with Trevor:


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