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Transform your Real Estate Investing Business from a Cash-Eating Monster To A Money-Making Machine.



When you order your copy of “Profit First for Real Estate Investing”, you can expect to learn:

Most real estate investors, including you, have a huge problem!

They have systems for almost everything, from finding deals to automatically renting and selling their properties, but they’re missing something even more important.

A system for their finances!

Yes, most real estate investing businesses operate without a system that ensures positive cash flow and profitability.

Instead, they end up scrambling to cover payroll, taxes, and their own bills, and rarely are left with anything for themselves.

(I’m sure you can relate to this).

If you continue operating this way, I can promise you that you’ll never generate true wealth.

You will always be living month to month, struggling to make ends meet, and experiencing a ton of stress in the process.

But what if you could get out of this real estate investing rut and make real financial progress?

What if you could pay yourself first, while still hitting sales targets and having enough for taxes?

How liberating would that feel?

If you want that for yourself, your business, and your family, then listen up!

I have a proven solution that will ensure you never have to worry about money again.

A solution that gives you all of the freedom and abundance that you signed up for when you got into real estate investing.

Allow me to show it to you in my brand new book…


Profit first


real estate investing

Hi, I’m David Richter!

I’m an active real estate investor with over 850 closed deals under my belt, and the founder of Simple CFO Solutions, LLC.

It’s my job to help investors keep the profits they’ve earned, build cash reserves, and achieve true financial freedom.

But first, we’ve got to get you profiting from your business; a problem I’ve been able to solve for myself.

How do we solve it? Glad you asked!

By implementing the world-famous Profit First system from Mike Michalowicz.

I’ve tailored this proven system to the unique realities of running a real estate investing business to help to make more profit, grow your business, and experience more abundance in your life.

When implemented correctly, this system will reduce your stress and build a healthier and more profitable real estate company.

And you can’t go wrong; by following my step-by-step instructions you will get all these benefits and even learn how to close more deals starting today!

The Profit First system has already been used worldwide by countless entrepreneurs in many fields and produced incredible results.

And it WILL work for you and your real estate investing business if you follow the exact steps I’ve laid out for you.

So, are you ready to “profit first” with ease so you can live a life of true financial freedom?

Then click the button below to order your copy of “Profit First for Real Estate Investing” today and get ready to transform your business, and in turn, your life!

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About David Richter

David Richter is an active real estate investor who has closed over 850 deals and is the founder of Simple CFO Solutions, LLC.

He helps other investors to keep the profits they’ve earned, build cash reserves, and achieve true financial freedom.

His goal in life is to completely transform the Real Estate Investing industry by bringing true financial clarity and freedom to investors.

David Richter