Air Force Captain to Real Estate Mogul: A Path to Early Retirement

“How to structure business better to create the lifestyle that I wanted?”

If you have this question, we have Zach Lemaster to answer it! Zach is a seasoned real estate investor who has accumulated a large portfolio of rental properties across multiple markets.

He talks about his “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” journey and doing real estate while he has another business. Listen and enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[00:58] Introducing Zach Lemaster
[02:13] Rent to Retirement
[04:58] Starting his real estate journey
[07:00] House Hacking
[10:39] The Lens of Business Ownership
[13:58] Turnkey
[22:58] Building long-term relationships with people
[26:35] Connect with Zach Lemaster


[03:22] “I like real estate because it is tangible. You could see the results.”
[12:33] “The good thing about real estate investing is it can start as a side hustle, and it can always be a side hustle.”
[14:37] “Building true wealth is from owning real estate, maximizing tax benefits…”

Connect with Zach:


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