Balancing Business and Family: Lindsay Sharma’s Path to Financial Clarity

This episode of Profit First for REI podcast will give you more hope. Wherever you are now, there is a way out of it!

Lindsay Sharma, a mom and wife, has been in real estate for a year, but she is doing a great job! In this episode, she tells her journey in the real estate world and the money struggles she has gone through.

Listen as she shares how Profit First has helped her in this real estate journey. Enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[00:55] Introducing Lindsay Sharma
[02:30] Being a real estate investor and a parent at the same time
[05:48] Money struggles
[09:05] Burn out as a real estate investor
[11:12] Transition from working for a real estate investor to becoming your boss
[13:40] Introducing Profit First
[21:01] Being strategic and proactive about finances
[24:34] Her advice for people starting their real estate journey
[26:46] Connect with Lindsay Sharma


[03:14] “You have to be extremely organized and efficient as a business owner and mom, so I've learned to delegate, communicate my needs, and be very organized and prepared. Always thinking one step ahead.”
[13:00] “Starting a business or jumping full time as a real estate investor, you wouldn't believe how fast you can spend your money on everything to operate a business.”
[24:40] “Be patient, and don't try to scale too quickly.”

Connect with Lindsay:


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