Behind the Scenes: The Enrolled Agent’s Guide to Financial Success

We have our CFO Series for this episode of the Profit First for the REI podcast!

Alexis Sidney, a seasoned Chief Financial Officer, joined us in the show as she shared how she made an impact as a fractional CFO. 

How CFOs make a difference? How did they make an impact? Listen as she answers these questions. Alexis also talks about the struggles that they see daily. 

Enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[01:00] Introducing Alexis Sidney
[03:10] What does she do as an EA?
[06:37] Interesting part of the CFO Role
[08:15] Different types of struggle people encounter
[15:56] Benefits of Profit First for Alexis as CFO
[19:40] Pros of working with a CFO
[23:48] Alexis' advice for real estate investors
[26:48] Connect with Alexis and Simple CFO


[06:52] “There was something more just behind a profit and loss report… those number means something.”
[12:55] “It does take time for people to trust you, and you can't overwhelm them by forcing them… just assure them.”
[20:12] “Working with a CFO allows you to have that person on your shoulder.”

Connect with Alexis:


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