Brandon Cobb, co-founder and CEO of HBG Capital, discusses how he expanded his business operations to include real estate developments.

Joining us today is Brandon Cobb, CEO and co-founder of HBG Capital, an investment firm dedicated to providing risk-adjusted returns that are transparent and insulated against market volatility. He is also the host of Recession-Resistant Real Estate Radio, which I’ve had the pleasure of guesting on before.

Brandon started his journey in the real estate industry in fix-and-fliping and wholesaling but has also expanded his ventures into developments. He is also the CEO of HBG Construction which focuses on land developments, new buildings, and rehabilitation.

In this episode, Brandon shares his story, from his transition from fix-and-flipping and wholesaling to development to the difficulties he experienced before applying the Profit First approach in his business. Jump in!

Key Takeaways:

[00:47] Introducing Brandon Cobb
[02:35] Brandon’s Quick Start in the Real Estate Industry
[11:29] The Adjustment from Fix-and-Flipping and Wholesale to Building and Development
[13:08] On Knowing His KPIs
[15:56] On Applying the Profit First Method
[25:20] Having a CFO and the Benefit of Collaboration
[30:33] On Why Having a Team is Key to Success
[33:40] Advice for Investors: Double-Down on KPIs
[35:40] Connect with Brandon


[14:35] “That's one of the reasons that actually helped me transition into the Profit First mode…You spoke to a very specific demographic, and you were very specific on the types of problems that this industry faces that are quite frankly very, very endemic.”
[30:48] “You're not going to be able to scale without a team, so having really good hiring systems and processes is really key.”
[33:53] “I think now more than ever, with the uncertainty of the market and the changing economy and interest rates…it's important to run a tight ship. Now you have to have a really well-oiled machine that's going to make it through whatever times [we are in]…Be ready to make quick and decisive decisions.” 

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