Brittany Thompson’s Vision-Driven Journey With Profit First

Every success story always starts with something. As investors, we start these businesses to fulfill our dreams and visions. It’s our fuel to climb high, giving us the might to push through beyond the limits. Without having a clear picture of where we're going, we wouldn’t be able to propel and move forward.

We’ve invited Brittany Thompson here to join us as we discuss the ways in which your vision puts you in your driver’s seat. So you can get away from that mind trap and steer your goals towards practicality.

If you listen to this, you'll have an idea of how to work your way through as a real estate investor and keep up with the challenges that your business brings.

Key Takeaways:

[3:16] What excites her the most about real estate investing?

[7:00] What financial struggles has she faced in life and business?

[8:34] Why does she think that a lot of real estate investors or business owners in general experience money struggles or live deal to deal?

[12:36] Was she ever forced to live deal to deal in real estate, or was she able to avoid it entirely?

[17:05] When did she start using the Profit First system and how does it apply to her journey in real estate?

[29:14] Understanding what it is to have plenty and understanding what it feels like to never have enough.


[9:30] “The reason that a lot of people struggle in real estate is because they don’t have a vision of why they’re doing it in the first place.”

[14:06] “There are so many people that want success but don’t want the journey that comes with it.”



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