Build Your Real Estate Investing Business To Last For Generations with Cody Caswell

Have you wanted to start in real estate investing, but don’t know how to get started? 

Do you want to build a business that lasts for generations to come? 

Our guest, Cody Caswell is a 3rd generation real estate investor who shares his family’s hard-earned lessons on the power of collaboration, building your business to scale, and accumulating generational wealth.  

From avoiding the pitfalls of doing everything DIY to the systems you need to create a solid financial foundation – you’ll learn firsthand from Cody on how he started his real estate journey with his first rental at 16. 

[01:32] Growing up in a real estate investing family

[03:25] Buying his first rental property at 16 

[05:08] Getting an internship in a brokerage in the US

[06:38] Choosing his path to flip and build homes

[09:00] Childhood lessons about money Cody 

[12:54] The results of implementing the Profit First system

[17:38] An insider’s look on scaling up a real estate business

[21:30] Recommendations to investors


“You can't let money do its own thing, because it will. You have to give every dollar a job.”

“Before you try to do something big, before you really try to scale, get everything in order before you do that.”

“Lay that foundation solid, get your finances in order, get your business in order, figure out exactly the trajectory you want to go and have somebody ready to go there with you, and then hit the ground running and then do it.”

“I'm a big believer that thinking small is just as hard as thinking big, if not harder. So think big.”

“It's a lot easier to work with people and do big things than it is to work by yourself and do small things.”


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