Building Other Businesses Around Your Core Business with Daniel Martinez

From effective synchrony in his businesses and to having an altruistic mission, Daniel Martinez has come a long way in his 4-year career in real estate. 

He is a commercial investor, co-owner of a data company, and founder of HiveMind, a CRM tool designed for real estate investors. This portfolio of assets and skills gives him a view of the market from multiple angles, no doubt instrumental to his success.

Daniel also uses his unique position to share the knowledge he gains with so many in the real estate community, just as he does on this episode of Profit First.

Listen in on the discussion!

Key Takeaways:

[00:00] Daniel Martinez and His Background

[04:10] The Entrepreneurship Bug and Starting Real Estate

[07:06] Starting the Hive With Us Podcast

[08:50] On Going Into Data and Software 

[11:06] Lessons Learned About Money

[14:59] On His Business “Why” 

[17:00] On His Legacy for His Children

[19:07] The Challenges and Opportunities in Real Estate

[22:44] His Advice for the Real Estate Community


[07:46] “The power of content and going into the digital space is that it’s there forever.’”

[09:16] “You build your own infamy off the content that you produce.”

[09:57] “When you do a business, you always want to build other businesses around that business.”

[12:50] “If you throw your profits right back into the business, recycle it, and grow it, it can lead into large numbers.”

[19:49] “If you do enough marketing, you’re going to trip into a deal. You don’t have to be the best negotiator.”


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