Building Wealth Through Passive Income With RJ Bates

RJ Bates III is the CEO of Titanium Investments, a multifamily investment company that assists investors in building wealth through passive income. Additionally, he hosts the Titanium Vault podcast, which centers around real estate investment.

Initially, RJ struggled with financial management as he expanded his business, a common problem among investors. Because of his experience, he has dedicated much of his work to educating and helping many investors in the real estate investing space to succeed.

In this conversation, we will delve into RJ's challenges and growth, and the current issues in his business that implementing the Profit First method can help solve!

Key Takeaways:

[01:01] Introducing RJ Bates III and His Story
[06:08] RJ’s Passion for Real Estate and His Podcast
[13:35] Profit First and How It Can Help His Business
[19:15] Why the Growth of His Business Led to Developing Financial Issues
[25:31] On Being Open to the Profit First Message and Unlearning Bad Money Habits
[31:38] Advice for People Who Want to Implement Profit First
[34:32] Connect with RJ


[11:32] “I know that there are people out there that are trying to change their life, but they're struggling on…the management of their finances.”
[21:23] “I feel like the whole time I was listening to your book, you were just speaking directly to me about a lot of the issues that we've been dealing with for years.”
[33:42] “There is never a perfect time to do anything. The hurricane of being an entrepreneur never stops. At some point in time, you just gotta say ‘I’m making the commitment to start doing [managing my finances.]”

Connect with RJ


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