Building Your Mental Toolbox: The Key to Success With Glenn & Amber Schworm

We invited power couple Amber and Glenn Schworm to the show, and today we’re about to unpack some great insights from them! These two are always on the hunt to help everyday people create long-term wealth in real estate.

This talk is a little bit of everything. We discuss their financial journey, some parenting advice around money, how they strengthened their relationship as a couple while still being top-notch business partners, and a whole lot more. Stick around and let’s listen to this duo.

Key Takeaways:

[1:40] How did they get started in real estate?

[8:50] How did they end up branching out into coaching?

[20:55] What are some early lessons they’ve learned about money and how does it compare to their thoughts about money today?

[27:55] What lessons about money do they want to pass on to their children?

[34:26] It’s important to be open about your fears and learn how to overcome them

Quotable Quotes:

[10:21] “I didn’t just want to hype up people without a plan, because finances are a big part of your goals.”

[13:16] “I want to champion the average person that wants to make a difference.”

[35:15] “Courage is not when you’re not scared. Courage is when you push through fear.”


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