Cold Calling Expert Nicholas Nick Explains How Knowing Your Numbers Is Key

In today's episode of Profit First for REI, we are joined by Nicholas Nick. He is a real estate entrepreneur and the founder, CEO, and CFO of Lead Mining Pros, a real estate lead generation company with a focus on cold calling. 

Nicholas started his journey in the restaurant industry and from there developed a unique skill set that he carries to this day, wearing as many hats when it comes to running his business. He shares how he uses his roles to run his business at the fullest potential but recognizes the importance of eventually hiring someone to take over. 

Tune in to hear more of Nick’s insights into leadership, the importance of knowing your numbers, and the power of cold calling!

Key Takeaways:

[00:45] Introducing Nicholas Nick and His Background
[06:47] On Knowing His Financials
[10:03] Leaving the Restaurant Scene and Starting His Real Estate Journey
[18:15] Lead Mining Pros and Their Cold Calling Services
[20:31] On Maintaining His Hands-On Leadership Methodology and Exiting His Business
[24:54] Seeing the Future in Numbers for His Business
[27:58] Why Investors Live Deal-to-Deal:
[32:32] Connect With Nick


[27:16] “If you're not good at math, you're never going to get rich. Plain and simple.”
[28:41] “What makes me successful is I learned to do everything as cheap as humanly possible myself. And then when you do it as cheap as humanly possible, and you're really good at it. That only means now that throwing money at it makes you better.”
[31:46] “My personal secret to success is not being attached to the result…I'm more attached to the experience that I'm getting,”

Connect with Nick:


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