Conquering Financial Challenges: The Roadmap to Economic Freedom

In this episode of Profit First for REI, Chris Naugle joined us to share hope in his real estate investing journey! Chris is an innovator and visionary in wealth-building and real estate.

He is part of the movement BYOB – Be Your Own Bank, and empowers others with his knowledge of how money works. Chris also dedicated his life to being America's #1 Money Mentor.

Listen and know more about Chris' Six Laws of Wealth, and how he got back from the lowest point of his life to the other side of it!

Key Takeaways:

[00:45] Introducing Chris Naugle
[02:16] Chris on what he does in BYOB
[08:45] Lowest point of his life
[11:37] Impact of money on his family
[13:32] How Profit First Impacted His Real Estate Journey
[24:16] “I built my own banking system.”
[28:46] Six Laws of Wealth
[37:38] Connect with Chris


[04:36] “There are only two types of people, people with money and people that need money, and both have a problem. People with money, they want to make more. People that need money, they need money to make more money.”
[11:45] “Money is the number one cause of divorce in this country.”
[28:52] “Pay yourself first.”

Connect with Chris:


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