Cornerstones of Success: Building Your Real Estate Business Brick by Brick

In this episode of Profit First for REI podcast, we have Frank Iglesias. He is a real estate investor who tells several deep things about his real estate journey.

Frank is well-versed in many areas of real estate. He talks about the right coach in his life that helped turn him around, the right timing, and books that helped him. Listen to this episode if you want to become a good business owner. Enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[00:46] Introducing Frank Iglesias
[01:53] How he got into real estate
[05:10] “I wish I would have just picked one route.”
[09:04] Sales and marketing in real estate investing
[13:20] Learning about new construction
[15:18] Difference between fix and flip and new construction
[19:49] The money side of new construction
[27:23] Fundamentals and People's Journey to Success
[30:04] Connect with Frank Iglesias


[06:25] “I wish I'd learned more about business because real estate is just the vehicle. It sits on top of this.”
[08:35] “Most real estate courses don't teach business, they teach real estate. But it's a different world when you start looking at it as a vehicle.”
[18:04] “What I like about new construction is you're creating something. I like the creation process.”

Connect with Frank:


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