Creating Long-Lasting Cashflow & Wealth Because Of Profit First With Chris Miles

The ultimate goal of investing is to generate long-term wealth, not just earn more. You want to make money work for you and not the other way around. It takes effort and stability, but with guidance and an effective system, you will be more equipped to reach your financial goals.

Our guest today is someone who dedicates himself to helping others achieve being wealthy. Chris Miles is a cash flow expert, investor, and the founder of Money Ripples, with a mission to teach other entrepreneurs to create quick cash flow.

His career is a testament to tenacity, grown into success after suffering from the crash in 2008. So tune in for education and inspiration as Chris shares his story, work, and why you should implement the Profit First method into your life!

Key Takeaways:

[00:52] Introducing Chris Miles and His Background
[02:41] On the Profit First Message
[05:11] Experiencing the Real Estate Crash and What Happened After
[10:18] Before and After Implemented Profit First into His Business
[16:08] On Profit First Allowing Chris to Reinvest in His Business
[18:17] On Profit First’s Effect on Chris’s Mindset
[22:22] Passive Real Estate Investing
[26:36] Advice for People Who Want to Implement Profit First
[28:16] Connect with Chris


[03:38] “[Profit First] really took hold of me…I talked about cash flow all the time [you’d] think I would [already be following] it.”
[11:16] “I think too many entrepreneurs get into a hustle habit. Or they get stuck in hustle mode, even though they don't have to be, they start getting caught up working harder—not even smarter or working right.”
[27:40] “Just [having separate buckets for different expenses and profit] alone, that kind of discipline, it actually just eye-opening.”
[25:10] “When [you have] profit, don't spend it unless you know that money you want to spend will give you more money.”

Connect with Chris:


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