Developing Good Money Habits with Neil Timmins

Neil Timmins is the CEO of Legacy Impact Partners, a company that invests in residential, commercial, and even medical real estate. He has been in the industry for 18 years, starting as a realtor, moving on to flipping houses, investment, and even coaching and mentoring.

Neil has since built up quite a portfolio and extensive experience. He gives us insight into money and people management, developing the right habits, and the lessons he learned that have since helped him build his success in the industry.

Key Takeaways:

[00:46] Neil Timmins and His Background

[03:01] Real Estate Investing and Making an Impact

[05:38] On Spending and Investing

[07:10] Struggles With Money and Hiring the Wrong People 

[10:57] On Applying More Control and Finding Unicorns

[14:37] On Developing Good Money Habits

[22:18] On Personal Finances and Family

[24:57] Neil Timmins’ Key to Success

[27:07] Connect With Neil


[12:14] “[Success] requires bringing on the right people.”

[20:45] “We are what we habitually do. And so it's imperative that if you want to be financially successful, you do what financially successful people do.”

[25:25] “Find a determination that is second to none.”


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