Ditch the Fear, Know Your Numbers, and Take Action With Paul White

On this episode of Profit First, we’re going to dive in a bit on “Knowing Your Numbers” and more with Paul White!

Paul White is an orthodontist and real estate investor whose investment journey started the same way as most people’s–through passive investment. Paul didn’t realize how important knowing your numbers really are. So if you can’t do your due diligence, then at least find a way to have clarity over your portfolio to optimize your returns and make the best decisions possible.

This led to the creation of the Real Numberz app, designed to organize your investments so you can get full transparency with less work. 

Catch Paul’s insights on doing due diligence, why clarity over your numbers helps you have better control over your investments and more!

Key Takeaways:
[0:46] Paul White’s Background in Real Estate Investment and Professional History

[4:32] The Importance of Knowing Your Numbers in Real Estate

[6:58] Building an App to Keep Track of Investment Numbers

[10:29] Why You Should Know Your Numbers

[14:39] How Profit First Helped Paul’s Journey 

[19:49] How Does Knowing Numbers Help Investors?

[24:08] Paul’s Investment Tips


[8:42] “There is a sense of chaos and unease that comes with not knowing.”

[8:58] “If you think about the money that most of us invest, it’s at least after expenses and sometimes after-tax… It’s hard-earned money… we just don’t treat it like we should.”

[13:22] “My experience with passive investors, they see a big return, and that’s pretty much the end of due diligence.”

[16:04] “Fear comes from lack of control. Fear keeps us from looking at numbers and from taking the first step.”


Get a free trial/demo at their website-realnumberz.com

Connect with him through his email at drwhite@realnumberz.com

Profit First Real Estate Investors FB Group-https://m.facebook.com/groups/ProfitFirstREI/ 

Simple CFO-https://simplecfo.com/ 

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