Do You Want to Make More Excuses or More Money? Real Estate Legend Ron Legrand Reveals His Money-Making Secrets

Meet the Godfather of creative real estate, Ron LeGrand. He was born with the heart of an entrepreneur and started doing business transactions by the time he was eighteen. Ron entered the real estate world in 1982, and from then on, his innovative mind, true heart, and logical systems propelled him to sell houses without any risks. 

Discover the secret strategy that got him to garner massive deals for the last 37 years. Strap in, and let’s hear out how this genius climbed his way up the ladder.

Key Takeaways for This Episode:

[1:51] What got him started in real estate, and why did he choose real estate?

[6:03] People who are looking for a lot of excuses don’t make a lot of money

[6:28] The problem of low self-esteem

[7:48] You have to be careful to whom you’ll listen. It would help if you weren’t listening to anybody until you have—a reason to believe that you can trust what anyone says. 

[12:46] His journey facing six market corrections

[14:20] Delegation, Automation, and Systemization makes real estate easier

[19:09] The absolute key is selecting the best people for your business

[22:21] How important is it to know your business numbers?

[27:22] Take action, go out there and implement things

[30:29] Get your education from qualified people to render it

Quotable Quotes:

[0:13] “When you spend your life swapping hours for dollars and never really hit a home run, you never really had way more money to live on. It’s hard to get into the mindset that you’re entitled to get more money.”

[11:11] “Somewhere along the line, we have to start digging a little deeper, and find a faster and easier way to make money without the risk.”

[22:30] “Anybody running their business that doesn’t know their numbers wouldn’t be in the business very long.”


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