Don’t Feel Guilty Taking Money Out Of Your Business with Cory Boatright

Have you ever felt guilty for taking money out of your business? That guilt is what keeps many entrepreneurs from taking the profits they’ve earned to the point of living deal-to-deal  Our guest today felt the same, even after he implemented Profit First.

Cory Boatright has been an entrepreneur for most of his life, having ran or been directly involved with almost forty different companies. He is also a coach, author, and real estate expert, and his vast knowledge is going to be a treat for new and veteran entrepreneurs alike.

Cory joins us today to talk about the emotions and mindset behind taking profits from your business and the importance of understanding your finances and how it can improve your life! Join us!

Key Takeaways:

[00:43] Introducing Cory Boatright
[02:15] On Profit First
[04:40] Cory’s Entrepreneurial Journey
[10:29] On His Mindset in Transitioning Into His Business and Profit First
[15:16] The Entpreneur’s Tendency to Avoid Finances
[20:37] The Benefits and the Clear Money Mindset Brought About by Profit First
[29:30] Advice for Somebody Who Wants to Implement Profit First
[34:47] Connect with Cory


[12:23] “It [isn’t] until you really [start] to consider Profit First’s way of thinking…that, first off, it's okay to pay yourself first. Now that's the very first thing that was a hard hurdle for me to get over.”
[28:53] “Profit First allows you to have organization [in] your business in a way that gives you consistency.”
[33:21] “You have to have structure. Profit First is one of the first ways to do that in your finances. Yeah. Which is like the heartbeat…of the business.”

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