Episode 92: From Praying for Rain to Making it Rain with Brad Smotherman

Brad Smotherman is a seasoned real estate investor. He's the nation’s ultimate house flipper and he’s always one step ahead in helping new investors build a lasting real estate company. Currently, he has invested in over 14 states and owns a top-notch REI business. His wits and knowledge in selling and marketing is unparalleled. Listen to this episode to find out how this genius has been doing it for years.

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

[1:38] What got him started in real estate?

[5:23] Early lessons that he thought about money

[6:58] We have to create long-term cash flow assets or we’re never going to get ahead.

[10:38] Does he want to pass on lessons about money to his children?

[15:47] How does he go about analyzing deals from his perspective?

[18:46] Does he think that most entrepreneurs should have a basic understanding of the business world in order to be a savvy business owner?

Quotable Quotes:

[3:05] “Most of the time, your biggest wins come after the point that you want to quit, but you don't.”

[13:24] “Come up with a plan that you’re comfortable with.”

[23:31] “If you can market the right way and negotiate the right deal structure, then it’s really tough to mess up this business.”


Profit First for Real Estate Investing FB Group-https://m.facebook.com/groups/ProfitFirstREI/about/ 

Brad Smietherman’s Website- https://www.bradsmotherman.com/ 

Investor Creator Podcast- https://www.bradsmotherman.com/blog/podcasts

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