Expand Your Thinking, Take Action, Repeat: A Blueprint for Financial Success with Rafael Cortez

Have you had enough of your 9 to 5 and want to make a big leap in real estate investing?

Well, you’re in the right direction because today, we’re getting into the mind and systems of Rafael Cortez from REI Wholesaling. Get the blueprint to building your own real estate business by listening to today’s episode. Make sure to strap in because Rafael will teach you how to expand your perspective, bring pulse to your business and take immediate action to build that legacy wealth!

Key Takeaways for This Episode:

[1:52] How Rafael started in business transportation to real estate investing

[7:47] Organizational psychology helps you build a blueprint of the right people going on the right seats

[11:20] One of his biggest lessons is understanding that he had limited beliefs, and his financial thermostat wasn’t dialed in yet

[12:18] The importance of paying yourself first

[16:34] Rafael shares how he’s structured his business throughout the years

[17:14] You’re not accounting for that money to rescue you. You have to make it work

[20:05] Getting into those habits of what are you trying to accomplish in both your personal life and career

[24:58] There’s no magic recipe for success. It comes down to putting yourself in rooms that will make you grow

Quotable Quotes:

[1:43] “I didn’t choose the thug life. The thug life chose me.”

[7:15] “Everything begins with mindset. Once you understand the mindset, you can become aware of what can happen as you go to your low and high cycles.”

[16:46] “At a very simple essential level, you create a budget for your business.”


Rafael’s Instagram-https://instagram.com/rafaelcortezceo?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

REI Wholesaling- www.reiwholesaling.com

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