Financial struggles & the keys to success in real estate with Steve Pesavento

Today’s guest is Steve Pesavento. He is a real estate investor, a high-performance coach, and an expert in mindset and marketing. He hosts the Investor Mindset podcast and is the President of VonFinch Capital, an investment firm focusing on Multifamily Real Estate for executives and entrepreneurs. 

Steve joins us to share his thoughts on anything between mindset, money management, multifamily real estate, and his personal journey starting in the investment space. 

He’s got a ton of amazing nuggets of knowledge for investing veterans and newcomers alike! Catch all of it on this episode of Profit First for REI!

Key Takeaways:

[00:58] Steve Pesavento and Real Estate Investing
[07:14] On Financial Struggles in the Real Estate Investing
[14:40] Why It’s Necessary to Have a Business Plan 
[17:34] On Multifamily Real Estate and Syndications
[25:12] Steve Pesavento’s Keys to Success and the Importance of Mindset
[30:00] Connect and Engage With Steve


[02:27] “What excites me about real estate investing is that it can unlock so many doors for people…My belief is that everyone, what they're really looking for when they get into real estate is they're looking for more freedom, flexibility, all with the purpose of having more fun. And I think there's no better path or no better vehicle to get in than real estate in order to help do that.”
[07:34] “I feel like one of the big things that happen in real estate is you always hear this old adage that real estate investors are extremely wealthy on paper, but they're broke in their bank account.”
[21:55] “My success has really come down to mindset. [I] define mindset [as] the thoughts and beliefs that directly lead to the actions you take and therefore the outcomes you experience.”

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