Find Your Niche and Pay Yourself First: A Guide to Financial Success With Dave Rice

With over thirty years of experience in the field, it’s a guarantee that Dave Rice gives unique and unmatched expertise when it comes to providing bookkeeping services. Dave's business management background and a degree in pharmacy helped start-ups sharpen their business in the most profitable areas, maximizing their fullest potential.

Discover how he incorporates the Profit First system into his career while helping others build fast growth through actionable tactics. Tag along with us and learn more about his story in this week’s episode.

Key Takeaways:

[2:06] What got him into real estate and why real estate?

[6:06] What early lessons did he learn about money and what does he think about money today?

[9:20] How do they maintain their business and build their reputation?

[10:17] How did he get into the “profit first” world?

[15:11] People are thrilled when they first see real financials and learn where they’re making money, where they’re spending money, and where it’s going.

[15:41] One of the most common mistakes made by investors on the financial side of the business

[18:08] Last minute advice that David wants to send to the audience

[18:14] You will want to have a handle on your finances and business. The key to success is having uncomfortable conversations.

Quotable Quotes:

[7:17] “Get paid first, and pay yourself first.”

[12:42] “It’s so rewarding to see that the business owner finally feels like a business owner and not just a slave to his business.”

[17:10] “I find it really fun to teach these investors who are visionary entrepreneurs but not necessarily ready to dig into the details. That’s the part of the plates that they hand out to us.”


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