From Big Four to Real Estate Profit: A CFO’s Journey and Tips

With her over eight years of experience as a CPA in tax services and being one of the top Chief Financial Officers, this is an exciting episode of the Profit First for REI podcast.  

Today, we have Mehak Begemann sharing some top tips that help you understand where you are in the journey as an owner or as an operator. She also shares her investing journey that will inspire you! 

Listen and enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[01:13] Introducing Mehak Begemann
[02:07] Professional life as a CPA
[06:40] Mehak started to get interested in real estate
[11:05] Indicators for clients that are winning
[13:54] Two types of owner
[18:20] Cool client testimonials/story
[24:24] Her fun experiences working with clients as CFO
[29:36] Connect with Mehak


[12:01] “Owners should be able to answer what their operating cost is at least on average.”
[21:07] “You can't build unless you know where you are at today.”
[22:38] “Whatever doesn't get measured gets lost.”

Connect with Mehak:


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