From BRRRR to Metal Boxes — How Scott Meyers went from King of Making Mistakes to King of Self-Storage

The self-storage king is on the show today, so better expect an explosive episode coming your way.

Scott Meyers, also known as the nation’s leading expert in the self-storage business, is here to bring value and share his side of the story. He’s been the architect of several extremely successful real estate transactions. He is always ready to teach others about the business and help them correct their mistakes to achieve a higher level of success. In this episode, he’ll uncover the mystery behind that. Let’s find out how Scott implemented a process plan that made him run his business and leverage his way to the top! 

Key Takeaways for this Episode:

[1:32] When did he first implement Profit First, and how was that journey?

[2:52] People who are passionate about their businesses have to reinvest

[5:02] Having a process and plan in place allows for making better decisions 

[6:12] What are some of the benefits of implementing this system?

[10:39] How many storage units do he have, and how long has he been doing storage units?

[13:00] The hardest lesson that he’s learned in real estate?

[16:22] If you haven’t been on a personal journey of self-awareness, you don’t understand what it’s like to know your unique ability 

[17:34] Talk to people about investing in self-storage

[19:44] Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes wide open

Quotable Quotes:

[3:10] “I am passionate about my business because I know that the leverage that it provides allows us to do more mission work and impact people’s lives.”

[8:50] “It’s also freeing from just a personal standpoint to have that cushion and everything in place, so we can have the mindset to serve.”

[15:36] “Getting an education, surrounding yourself with the right people allows you to move forward.”


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