From Chaos to Clarity: How Profit First Revolutionized Our Real Estate Business

From having one of his companies go from a chaotic mess to having more revenue and net profit to pay for taxes and other operational expenses, let us know more about Andrew Lucas' transformation story!

In this episode, Andrew Lucas, a real estate investor who runs a family-owned business, shares his real estate investing journey that will give you hope from failure to success!

Listen as he also shares how his wife got involved and got her an outlet for her wonderful talent! Enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[01:30] Introducing Andrew Lucas
[04:58] What his business looks like before Profit First
[11:20] Starting the wholesaling business
[15:51] Challenges Andrew and his wife had to face in the real estate investing journey
[21:30] Husband-wife team on their real estate investing journey
[24:32] Andrew's Profit First story
[28:02] Get in touch with Andrew Lucas


[06:15] “They know they are making money, they don't know where it's going. They know they don't have as much now as they thought they would.”
[25:40] “It's easy to lose track, but when you implement this, you will have opportunities that open up.”
[26:14] “The people that succeed in real estate are the ones that can stick around the longest.”

Connect with Andrew:


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