From Construction to Wholesaling: A Backwards Journey to Success

“Real estate is the byproduct of caring.”

In this episode, we interviewed Phillip Vincent. He is the founder and owner of Mom's House. Mom's House is one of the most trusted home buyer networks for seniors moving into senior living.

No matter what type of seller you walk into, either virtually or over the phone, get to know how to get the deal done through relationship building and better rapport.

Listen and enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[00:57] Introducing Phillip Vincent
[02:13] How he got into real estate
[05:01] The driving force of becoming an entrepreneur
[13:45] How Mom's House started
[18:13] Branding, scripting, what to say, what not to say
[22:37] Why do you think investors live deal to deal?
[29:28] Phillip's advice to real estate investors
[32:03] Get to know more about Mom's House


[03:11] “I've learned two things: I've learned not to get old and if you do, be rich.”
[07:26] “The thing about real estate is you can make 50 grand today and lose 80 grand tomorrow.”
[21:32] “A wholesaler is not an identity, that's an exit strategy.”

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