From Crisis to Prosperity: How Chris Prefontaine Navigated the 2008 Crash

“What hinder success is mental blockage and mindset issues.”

In this episode, best-selling author Chris Prefontaine talks about Real Estate on Your Terms, a book he wrote in 2017. He also tells about his experiences with the crash in 2008 he went through.

Listen as he also talks about cash positions and how Profit First helped along his real estate investing journey. Enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[01:01] Introducing Chris Prefontaine
[03:22] What is Creative Real Estate?
[06:54] Why do people struggle with money in real estate?
[08:17] Chris before his Profit First Journey
[11:41] Getting and meeting the right people
[15:35] Hardest lessons on his entrepreneurial journey
[19:17] Get an Executive Assistant
[21:18] Chris' advice to people starting in real estate investing
[22:10] Connect with Chris Prefontaine


[07:16] “If you try a bunch of courses and it didn't have the same success… you get a little bit less aggressive.”
[10:45] “Exposure means so much more than we think, more effective than we all realize… it means a lot.”
[15:54] “Don't utilize your personal signature to sign on debt, especially for investment.”

Connect with Chris:


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