From India to America: Kapil Singla’s Profit First Journey

We have a returning guest on the show today, and that's none other than Kapil Singla. The young entrepreneur who skyrocketed his way to the top after moving to the US.

In this episode, he'll be giving us an update of where he's at in his life and business after a few years of implementing systems and using Profit First as key drivers to his success.

Key Takeaways:

[2:05] Kapil shares his whole real estate story with us.

[9:12] What early financial lessons did he learn, and how do they compare to where he is now?

[13:03] How is profit first factored into his business?

[15:15] In terms of finances, what does he value the most in his business?

[18:15] What are the lessons around money that he wants to pass on to the next generation?

Quotable Quotes:

[8:22] “A lot of people, no matter what level they’re at, find it important to surround and connect with people that share the same goals as you.”

[10:07] “Money was hard, money was everything at some point.”

[10:35] “A persistent action towards a goal and having the faith to back up your ideas makes money come to you.”


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