From Intent to Impact: Strategies for Successful Real Estate Transactions

Are you having trouble connecting with people? Do you have sellers ghosting you?

Our guests for today are Jeremy Beland and Dan Toback. They will give you incredible information about connecting with people. It is one of the best episodes if you want to bring a deal in the door.

Be intentional with every conversation. They give practical steps where there is one text message in this episode that you can send to your database, and you will surely get a deal.

Listen and enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[00:47] Introducing Dan Toback and Jeremy Beland
[02:58] Jeremy and Dan join together to help real estate investors
[06:59] Helping people in real estate investing
[11:02] Heart game vs telling game
[15:54] The person vs the house
[21:13] Verbal commitment
[26:33] The text message
[30:28] Moving the pressure off of the situation
[33:00] Connect with Dan and Jeremy


[08:35] “It wasn't even about becoming a salesperson. It was about becoming a servant… and being able to identify and be honest with the sellers that didn't need my help.”
[11:02] “I think that this business, real estate investment, and serving sellers is more of a heart game and internal game versus a telling game.
[17:33] “Don't make it about the numbers. As soon as you make it about the numbers, you lose because… there's no value there.”

Connect with Dan and Jeremy:


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