From Teaching Spanish to Teaching Accounting: Shannon Weinstein’s Journey

Do you want some honest and helpful information to help you achieve financial freedom?

We have Shannon Weinstein for today's episode of Profit First for REI podcast. Shannon is a financial expert, podcast host, and entrepreneur. 

She is ready to take complicated subjects and make them very simple. Shannon also talks about reasons why we don't pay ourselves enough. Learn more about this topic and the psychology behind it. 

Enjoy the show!

Key Takeaways:

[01:19] Introducing Shannon Weinstein
[03:22] When Shannon started to help people
[06:32] The Language of Business
[13:02] Leaving her corporate job
[18:46] Why don't people keep more of what they earn?
[21:26] Shannon's work as fractional CFO
[29:12] About tax laws
[33:05] Connect with Shannon


[06:45] “When you speak it (language of business)… I forget other people don't speak it, you don't have that perspective.”
[18:45] “Why don't people keep more of what they earn?… The main reason I think is because they are not paying attention to what the number is to tell them.”
[26:15] “You never really gonna be feel ready… you have to start the habit now.”

Connect with Shannon:


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