From Wall Street Misery to Finding Purpose in Real Estate with Daniil Kleyman

In this conversation with Daniil Kleyman, you’ll get a chance to learn how to master REI from a real estate developer expert. Daniil has mastered real estate from the ground up. He’s an owner/operator of a development company and established a management software that’s currently helping thousands of investors.


Today we hear from Daniil's insights on how he's been able to grow organically in this field. He’ll be sending us tips on what to do, what to avoid, and how to supersize our efforts and make a profit from them.

Key Takeaways:

[1:43] Daniil’s background in real estate 

[6:11] How did he grow as a real estate investor?

[9:21] How did the “rehab valuator” help him in scaling up his process?

[13:24] What early lessons did he learn about money, and how does it compare with what he’s learned about money today?

[18:07] What are the biggest mistakes or hurdles that investors experience as they start their career in real estate?

[18:53] Become good at one market and strategy. Focus is incredibly important.


5:22 “I find real estate incredibly rewarding outside of the money that you make.”

13:49 “A lot of us learn how to manage money but don’t know what is going on.”

18:20 “Find one thing that you’re good at. Find one thing that you focus on. And find one thing that you become an expert on. “


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