Get More Money & Create Your Dream Lifestyle by Leveraging Profit First – w/ Short Sale Queen Nicole Espinosa

Here’s a real kicker! Nicole Espinosa, a.k.a the Short Sale Queen, will give us pearls of advice in today’s talk. 

Nicole started real estate way back in 2011, and she has been processing short sales ever since. Throughout her years of expertise, she’s gone through several challenges and met seasoned real estate investors who shaped her to where she’s at today. She’s also written a couple of books that became a global hit and helped many. On top of that, Nicole is a full-time mom who has mastered the art of balancing her career and personal life. She always believes that consistency and perseverance to work hard are the way to victory. Curious about how she did it? Find out by listening to the full episode!

Key Takeaways 

[2:06] What got her started in real estate investing?

[3:26] She spent a lot of time perfecting systems processes and instilling education to real estate professionals to debunk myths about short sales.

[6:12] The advantages of specializing in short sales niche

[7:32] Why did she get into real estate?

[10:41] Did short-sale contribute to her success?

[11:50] Being consistent matters

[12:45] What early lessons about money did she learn? And how does it differ from her perspective today?

[15:49] Changing her perspectives on money: Working less and making more

[18:15] What does she want to pass on to her children about money?

[25:47] Have a bigger vision of what you are trying to accomplish and create 


[6:49] “Your reputation is your brand.”

[7:32] Why did she get into real estate?

[8:32] “I was not always the smartest person in the room, but I was always hard working”

[9:30] “You don’t know everything, you can always learn something from someone because they offer a fresh new perspective.”


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