His Losing Everything Educated & Inspired John Humphrey

Are you the type of business owner who doesn’t know their numbers and feels guilty because of it? It’s time to fix that.

Our guest, John Humphrey, used to be the same—until that mindset led to his finances spiraling into ruin. Now he runs his business with a new perspective: not only is he dedicated to knowing his numbers, he also works with people with complementary skills and uses a financial management system.

Join us as we talk about John’s career, short-term rental business, money struggles, and how he changed his life by applying a better money mindset! 

Key Takeaways:

[00:59] Introducing John Humphrey
[02:50] John’s Career History
[05:55] John’s Epiphanies Around Money Struggles
[09:06] Why You Should Hire Help and Use a Financial Management System
[14:49] Why Do Investors Often Live Deal to Deal?
[18:36] How Losing Everything Inspired John to Educate Himself on Finances
[25:00] How Knowing Your Numbers Makes You a Better Business Owner
[26:41] John’s Current Projects in the Short-Term Rental Vacation Space
[32:10] Connect With John Humphrey


[06:51] “I saw people having really the same struggles, like, it's all about making money, but then when you had the money, they didn't know what to do with it.”
[08:13] “I felt guilty that I didn't have the financial expertise with my money.”
[07:34] “[After using a financial management system] It wasn't just looking at a number—there was a purpose.”
[23:28] “I used to run my businesses pretty much by emotion and going for things…Now [we] have a CFO…we brought in professionals on our team that we never did before.”

Connect with John: 

Website: https://www.linxstr.com

Tired of living deal to deal? 

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