How a Business Owner Multiplied His Profit in 90 Days Using Profit First featuring Josh Culler

“Build a business. Don’t just focus on hustling.”

Wise words from this episode’s special guest, and that is no other than Josh Culler. He is a creative soul with over ten years of experience in content production. Josh made his way into real estate with a vision to serve missionaries. With utmost determination, he’s able to widen his horizons in the real estate world. 

According to Josh, there’s been a substantial difference in how his business has flourished while following the profit first strategy. Let us find out how he’s been using this as a tool to get to where he’s at today. Get ready to be inspired and learn how to manage your finances in the best way possible.

Key Takeaways 

[2:37] Josh’s background in real estate.

[6:51] The reason why he decided to do real estate full-time?

[9:43] Finding his purpose by supporting missionaries.

[12:35] His journey as an entrepreneur on the financial side of the business.

[14:47] How the pandemic changed the real estate pacing for real estate investors?

[16:37] The value of delegation and implementing the profit first strategy to his business.

[18:02] The profit first is truly profit-driven, and there’s been a substantial difference on where we’re at right now.

[19:13] What early lessons did he learn about money vs. what does he think about money now, and how does he use it?

[24:54] Josh talks about his books and the process of writing them.

[29:50] The relevance of media consulting.


[8:57] “Purpose is changing all the time.”

[12:55] “A lot of business owners get into this trap where they’re so focused on the craft and not building a business.”

[13:37] “Build a business, don’t just focus on hustling.”

[13:35] “Hustle is for a season, not a lifestyle.”

[28:41] “Get the content you’re already creating and make sure that it’s getting out in the world and they get to know who you are.”


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