How Cashflow and KPIs Determine Your Growth Potential With Glenn Stromberg

Don't get tricked by naysayers and those who have failed to implement the Profit First system correctly. Because today, we’ve invited the “king” of real estate, and he’s going to set things straight.Glenn Stromberg is here to bless us with his field expertise so we can also rise to the top as quickly as we can. Let’s hear some essential tips from this business tycoon.

Key Takeaways:

[1:55] How did he start in real estate and what was the big kickoff from there?

[6:16] What early lessons did he have about money, and how is it compared to what he thinks about money today?

[8:50] What lessons about money does he want to pass down?

[10:51] How does Glenn track his numbers and what are his key indicators?

[13:54] Glenn’s financial advice to the real estate community

Quotable Quotes:

[6:43] “Money is the bi-product of serving people.”

[13:48] “Get in mastermind groups. That is the game changer.”

[14:34] “ Not everybody should scale. You need to find out first where you want to go and where you want to be.”


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