How Eric Brewer Has Closed 3000+ Real Estate Transactions

Welcome to the Profit First for REI Podcast! Our guest for this episode is Eric Brewer, a seasoned professional in the real estate industry who has completed over 3000 deals. Eric is the President of Integrity First Homebuyers, co-owner of CR Property Group, and owner of Hillside Financial.

Eric joins us today to share his sales methodology and how he has achieved profitability despite having no accounting background. He also discusses how the Profit First method has helped him keep his finances organized and resulted in the biggest write-off in his business's history.

Tune in to learn from Eric Brewer's valuable insights on innovation, sales, and the Profit First method. Gain actionable knowledge to help you make more money or keep more of it in your real estate business.

Key Takeaways:

[00:46] Introducing Eric Brewer and His Real Estate Journey
[07:06] Eric and His Experience During the 2008 Crisis
[11:55] Eric on Finances and Cash Flow
[18:37] Why People Live Deal-to-Deal: The Lack of Formal Education
[21:58] What are Novations?
[28:12] Eric’s Sales Methodology
[32:12] Connect With Eric


[19:12] “All of the education and infrastructure and advice stops at the moment you start making money…I learned how to make money long before I learned how to keep it.”
[20:19] “If you don't sell, the accountant has nothing to count…And if you don't account for your money, you're gonna [have to] sell 10 times more just to keep your head above water.”
[30:06] “When I got into real estate… I realized that…[there are] certain fundamentals of sales that are not changed, like building trust with the person [and] asking good questions.”

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