How Noah Has Developed Security, Control, and Avoiding Ego Investing

Today’s guest is Noah Evans, a realtor and the investment director of Tree City Home Buyers. He also hosts the Chasing Freedom Podcast where he interviews top sellers in the industry, explores knowledge on home buying, renovation, house flipping, and more, and passes on valuable tips to his listeners.  

Noah's journey is a true testament to the power of Profit First and how it can help you achieve financial freedom, clarity, and control in your business, no matter where you are in your journey.

He shares his inspiring story of how implementing Profit First saved him from bankruptcy within the last year and talks about how hopeful he is for his current and future ventures.

This is a great episode for investors who’ve gone through similar struggles! Join us as Noah shares his Profit First journey, his real estate journey, and his insights on achieving financial freedom.

Key Takeaways:

[00:40] Introducing Noah Evans and His Background
[06:21] On Implementing Profit First
[11:57] What Attracted Noah to Profit First
[16:05] How Profit First Saved Noah From Bankruptcy
[19:37] How Noah Has Developed Security, Control, and Avoiding Ego Investing
[26:38] Advice for People Who Want to Implement Profit First
[29:52] Connect With Noah


[11:05] “In a time of chaos, you fall back to your systems, you fall back to your level of training… I started training myself to be more methodical in the placement of funds on separation of accounts, on treating it like a business and not like a hobby. These are all the things you talk about in the [Profit First] book.”
[19:45] “[By implementing Profit First,] not only do I have more peace, I [also] have more control…If we really boiled down entrepreneurship, I would say a lot of people get into it in real estate…because they want control—of [their] time [and] finances.”
[32:19] “Accountability at the start is really important…Willpower comes and goes, right? Like, this morning, I woke up late and my willpower to go to the gym was low because I just wanted to get to my day. But I have accountability, [so I show up anyway.]”

Connect with Noah:


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