How Overcoming Mental Roadblocks Will Make You More Profitable featuring Mark Stubler

Without an intentional focus on measuring and growing cash, as well as profit, your business might turn into an awful 360 degrees. Sharp-witted business owners are always one step ahead in maximizing growth, profitability, and value — especially in a competitive market like real estate. These strategies help leverage upcycles, weather downturns, and achieve your growth and value targets. If you’re not yet convinced, then you should give this episode a listen. 

Mark Stubler, owner and founder of Joe Homebuyer, is here to provide us with a blueprint on how to operate the “franchise model” in your business, understand your numbers better, and focus on profitability so you can achieve high levels of personal and financial success. But of course, success comes with failures. He will also talk about the mental roadblocks he encountered throughout his journey. So be ready to deep dive into these exciting topics!

Key Takeaways

[1:44] What is the hardest lesson he learned as a real estate investor?

[4:53] What keeps Mark going in real estate?

[6:34] Has he had any money struggles in his business as he grew business and branched out?

[8:07] What are his struggles? How did he get past some of those, and what systems does he have to make sure that he’s taking as few risks as possible?

[10:40] Has he incorporated the profit first system

[12:24] The franchise model, how can you turn a successful business into a successful franchise?

[16:27] What early lessons did he learn about money, and how does that compare to how he thinks about money today?

[23:54] Understanding your numbers better and focusing on profitability


[2:03] “There are many ways to make money in real estate; if you’re not careful, you can chase two rabbits and catch none.”

[5:30] “It’s not an easy industry, but it’s simple. And if you apply consistently, you can yield such incredible returns on a fair amount of effort.”

[11:07] “At the end of the day, if you’re not paying yourself, if you do not realize profits, you’re looking at it backward.”


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