How Paul Do Campo’s Money Mindset Helped Him Reach His Goals

If you aren’t taking profit for yourself, what are you working for? As business owners, struggling with finances is almost a constant hazard. Sometimes it’s not enough, or there’s the fear of it, and we end up skimping on ourselves.

Paul Do Campo struggled with the same until he implemented Profit First and took the initiative in managing his numbers as he grew as an entrepreneur. Today, his fear of not having enough has gone from the dread of not being able to pay his mortgage to more of a motivation to reach his monthly profit goals. 

Paul is an investor, copywriter, and the owner of REI OmniDrip, a company that helps investors with tailored marketing. He joins us today to talk about financial management, Profit First, and the importance of discipline. Tune in!

Key Takeaways:

[00:42] Introducing Paul Do Campo and His Background
[04:17] On Struggling With “Not Enough” and Setting His Profit Goals
[10:54] On Profit First and Entrepreneurial Discipline
[18:00] The Importance of Having a Money Management System and Talking More on YNAB
[21:43] On Minimalism
[23:41] How Minimalism, His Money Mindset, and His Dedicated System Influences His Confidence in Reaching His Goals
[28:11] Advice for the Real Estate Investing Community and on Copywriting
[28:59] The Key to a Good Copywriter
[30:44] Connect with Paul and REI Omnidrip


[13:12] “It wasn't just about having more money every month, it was more about structuring my finances for my business.”
[18:26] “For me, [YNAB is] worth the cost. I mean, I think you need something right?”
[29:20] “The biggest thing that [real estate investors] can do [for copywriting] is [to] ‘write like you talk.’”

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