How Paul Moore Subdivided His Way Out of $2.5 Million in Debt

On this episode of Profit First, we’re going to dive in a bit on “Giving First” with Paul Moore and more!

Paul Moore is a real estate investor and self-proclaimed former serial entrepreneur. His journey started with him jumping from one venture to another, becoming what he calls a “Real Estate Speculator,” owing millions of dollars in debt, before finally finding his footing as a successful investor.

Tune in and hear about his wisdom on real estate investment based on a history full of ups and downs, how he overcame debt with ingenuity and charity, and his key insights to succeeding in investment!

Key Takeaways:
[0:46] Paul Moore’s Background in Real Estate Investment

[2:36] Paul on Self-Storage, and Growing Into an Investor

[6:01] On Struggles and Failures Along the Journey to Success

[10:00] How Paul Got Out of 2.5 Million Dollars of Debt

[13:58] Focusing on One Thing and Hiring an Expert for Others

[17:52] Paul’s Keys to Success

[20:22] Why is it Important to Find Your Big Why?


[5:24] “You’re taking something that you know is a weakness and you’ve turned it into a strength.”

[10:47] “Hope isn’t a good business strategy.”

[19:00] “Putting it in investment terms, if you’re always playing double-or-nothing with your money, someday you’ll end on nothing.”


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