How Paying Yourself First Makes You A Better Business Owner featuring Jeremy & Joshua Mathis

Jeremy and Joshua Mathis, also known as the “Mathis Twins,” are here to provide you with actionable tips in this exciting new episode. The two are best known for their dynamic not only as brothers but also as lifelong business partners. The twins dabbled their way to businesses that both gave them profit and learning lessons. They have an excellent pang for real estate and have completed numerous real estate transactions.Indeed, these two are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to money-making.

Today, we will be hearing the ups and the downs of their journey. We will also listen to their insights on how you can handle your money correctly and be financially smart. Jeremy and Josh will also talk about how they both benefit from the Profit First system. KNOW and GROW your CASH FLOW click that play button NOW!

Key Takeaways 

[1:31] What got them started out for the real estate investing journey?

[2:31] How long have they been into real estate?

[2:50] The ups and downs of their real estate journey

[4:04] How much are they doing in terms of deal volume?

[5:18] How is it like working with each other and how does their dynamic work as a team?

[7:13] What are their first thoughts and concepts about money?

[9:09] Joining big groups such as Masterminds

[9:26] What lessons about money do they want to pass onto their children?

[12:00] Experience of the Profit First system 

[13:50] The benefits of the profit first system 

[15:28] Thoughts on having a CFO on the team

[17:52] Recommendations and advice that they have in store for the audience


[5:33] “The trust is there and we can hold ourselves to a different level of accountability.”

[6:19] “We lean on each other a lot and that’s something that I’ve been realizing”

[10:23] “ I want them to understand that in order to earn money, you have to work for it.”

[12:49] “Once you start becoming engrain and deceitful of the profit first bond you start to understand that, it’s something that’s awesome”

[18:16] “Once you start breaking bad habits you’ll see the benefits, why you need to break those habits and it just starts rolling from there”

[18:53] “You can always make more money but you can’t make more time”


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