How Profit First Changed His Money Mindset and the Hardest Lessons he has Learned in Real Estate Investing with Greg Helbeck

Money management is a powerful thing for entrepreneurs—very often, it can mean the difference between living paycheck to paycheck and seeing profits. Real estate investors often operate without knowing there is a better way to manage their earnings by adopting a solid money management structure.

For our guest, finding success early in his life led to the need for stable finances. Greg Helbeck’s continued upward trajectory made him realize that he had to treat money with respect—and that’s where Profit First came in.

On this episode of Profit First for REI, Greg and I talk about his journey in money management and being a leader. Listen in!

Key Takeaways:

[00:43] Introducing Greg Helbeck
[01:53] On Knowledge He’s Gleaned From Reading 
[04:28] On How His Money Mindset Changed After Profit First
[08:50] The Hardest Lesson He Has Learned in Real Estate Investing
[11:04] On Managing a Team
[21:16] Greg’s Advice for Real Estate Investors
[23:50] Connect with Greg


[06:11] “If you are not prepared to have ups and downs from your cash flow, no matter how much marketing you do, if you don't save that money, and you don't have reserves, you're going to really get mentally stressed out.”
[13:29] “ If you're going to be a one-man show forever, that can work—you can make great money. But you're never gonna get to a level where you're making net seven figures [or eight].”
[21:55] “If you master lead generation and you master communication, you will earn income.”

Connect with Greg: 


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