How Profit First Helped Bob Lachance Grow His Virtual Assistant Company

Being wealthy is more than just a full bank account. It’s about having a mindset of financial management to accumulate a resource that can continuously build on itself. Moreover, it has the potential to be taught and learned.

Our guest today understands the potential of a system like Profit First for himself and others. Bob Lachance learned of the method’s principles at a young age and has applied it to his ventures to this day. He is a real estate investor and the founder and CEO of REVA Global, a premier virtual assistant staffing company focused on the real estate industry.

Listen in as we discuss the importance of proper money management, the benefit of hiring virtual assistants, and Profit First.

Key Takeaways:

[00:50] Introducing Bob Lachance and His Real Estate Investment Journey
[03:19] Profit First and the Entrepreneurial Tendency to Burn Cash
[08:41] On Tracking Costs in Business and Experiencing Business Struggles
[12:16] Developing Better Financial Habits and Applying Profit First
[14:05] The Benefit that Virtual Assistants Bring to a Real Estate Investor
[16:39] Things to Consider Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant
[20:25] The Habit That Has Contributed to His Success the Most: Implement
[21:13] Hardest Lesson Learn as an Investor
[22:26] Connect With Bob


[13:03] “The great thing about Profit First is you can then give it to the individuals that work for you.”
[15:39] “If anybody is relying on a virtual assistant in a different country to close your deals, you will be out of business soon. That's not their role. Their role is either admin TAs or lead generation.”
[21:46] “We start being successful when we start focusing first on that one thing. Instead of doing 900 things at once, you got to get good at that one thing”

Connect with Bob:


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