How Profit First Helped James Manning Marry the Girl of His Dreams After Hitting Rock Bottom

James “Jim” Manning is a true industry professional. He's well-known for his excellent communication skills and quick wit. His attitude, grit, and determination made him surpass all of the challenges and earn a couple of milestones.It is undeniable that Jim has proven to comprehend the various dynamics of the ever-changing market and has done all things real estate for the past thirteen years. 


In today’s show, let’s hear it firsthand from Jim on how he’s been able to climb the success ladder while implementing the Profit First strategy. So much to unlock in this exciting episode!

Key Takeaways From This Episode:

[4:08] How did he manage to do 3,000 deals in a span of 13 years?

[9:22] You need to keep an eye on your books and the bottom line. 

[11:00] Knowing your numbers and keeping track of how the money is flowing within your organization may feel like you don’t have time, but that is one of the most valuable investments that you could possibly make for your time and business.

[17:06] Having that money for yourself and being able to think a little bit differently and having that system in place, having that profitability and seeing the true cash flow.

[18:53] Invest all the profits into the business, grow it, and get more to grow it as fast as you possibly can.

[23:53] If you’re a new investor, there’s a system to help you avoid making mistakes.

[25:25] There are all sorts of resourceful ways you can make a profit first.

[27:36] There are riches and niches; don’t try to be the jack of all trades. Find something that you’re passionate about, that you’re good at, and that you can do over and over again.

Quotable Quotes:


[4:50] “If you’re just starting out in business, don’t compare yourself to someone who has 13 years of full-time effort building a business.”

[9:49] “The highest dollar producing activity that you can possibly do is to cut expenses and audit your books.”

[22:52] “Do not lie to yourself that you don’t have enough time. That's just not how it works.”


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