How Profit First Helps Esteban Andrade Manage Five Revenue Streams

Many entrepreneurs struggle with financial management because they don’t know these three essential numbers: what you’re making, spending, and keeping. Having multiple revenue streams means knowing all this information from different businesses.

Today’s guest, Esteban Andrade, provides a unique look into the Profit First model. Unlike other guests who have applied the model and reaped its benefits, Esteban is in the middle of the book, slowly being made aware of his pain points and how to overcome them for his five revenue streams. Let’s dive in and learn with him!

Key Takeaways:

[00:47] Introducing Esteban Andrade and His Background
[03:31] About His Virtual Assistant Service 
[08:02] Esteban’s Different Revenue Streams
[14:15] Esteban’s Financial Situation 
[17:46] How Much Esteban Makes, Spends, and Keeps
[20:37] On Living Paycheck to Paycheck
[21:54] What Would Esteban Do Differently If He Started His Business Over?
[25:18] Advice for Real Estate Investors 
[28:23] Connect With Esteban


[04:08] “It's hard for [new entrepreneurs] to understand that they need to create not only a system to generate leads and closings…but be able to grow through people.”
[15:00] “One of the biggest things that I do not have, because I do not have a CFO or someone that is financially like an expert inside of my company, and that's kind of like one of my biggest pain points.”
[25:54] “I was trying to keep almost every single penny as possible…It felt real good to have…good profits. [But] I was not utilizing those profits to properly. [I didn’t] put it back into the things that will make me grow and make me more money.”

Connect with Esteban

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